CONSULTATIONS (Tax or Business matters) of 30 minutes or less, by Office Visit, Telephone, or e-Mail are FREE of charge. Longer Sessions, or telephone/e-mail consultations that require research or longer exchanges, are billed at $50/hour in 30 minute increments of $25 each from start of the session. NOTE: Information provided to us during Tax Return Preparation is Confidential but subject to subpoena, whereas Tax Planning and Business Consultations are “Privileged Communications” not subject to subpoena.
Business start-ups are a common form of Consulting. Some types of businesses require extensive document preparation to be submitted to various Federal and State regulatory agencies as part of the permit process; such start-up consulting carries a non-refundable, Minimum Fee Retainer of $300.
INCORPORATION /LLC FORMATION carries a fee of $650.00 prepaid as a Minimum Fee Retainer that includes but not limited to: 
• All Secretary of State fees, 
• Preparing standard form Documents Articles of Incorporation and/or Operating Agreement for an LLC, and By-Laws 
• Obtaining Federal and State Employer ID numbers, 
• Hosting and acting as Secretary for your First Meetings of Shareholders & Directors, 
• Filing initial Statement of Information (regarding Officers & Directors), 
• Helping you through the tax decision of how to structure your business for filing.
• 1 year of Registered Agent service. 

NOTE: Charges differ from State to State may have additional charges. You must incorporate (or register as a 'Foreign' entity to do business) in the State where your business physically resides or has activities that qualify as "doing business." 
NOTE: Nothing discussed in Shareholder/Director meetings or in filling out requisite forms is intended to be, nor 
should you consider it to be, legal advice.
NON-PROFIT INCORPORATION carries a fee of $650.00 prepaid as a  Minimum Fee Retainer that includes 
• Secretary of State and other GA fees, but not Federal fees to secure Tax Exempt Status, 
• Preparing standard form  Articles of Incorporation and/or Articles of Association for an Unincorporated Association), and By-Laws
• Obtaining Federal and State Employer ID numbers, 
• Participating in one pre-formation Organizational meeting hosting and acting as Secretary for your First Meeting of Directors,
• Filing initial GA Statement of Information (RE Officers & Directors), an
• 1 year of Registered Agent service. 

NOTE: Creating a Non-Profit entity (whether or not it is Incorporated) does not automatically make it Tax Exempt or able to issue tax deductible receipts for Donations. 
EXISTING NON-PROFIT entity REQUEST for TAX EXEMPTION carries a Document Preparation Fee of $600 that includes compiling IRS Form 1023 (or Form 1024 depending on type of Non-Profit) plus Georgia Form 3500 and Registration as a Charity with the GA Attorney General. NOTE: IRS requires a $400 Filing Fee if the organization’s annual Gross Receipts will be $10,000 or less. IRS requires an $850 Filing Fee if the annual Gross Receipts will be greater than $10,000. Our fee does include the GA Form fee of $25 and the Registry of Charitable Trust Basic Fee of $25.

MERGER or DISSOLUTION fee for a Corporation or LLC is $75.00 (in addition to any State filing Fees). 

If you are in business you must maintain a formal set of Books of Account that will be requested during Audit. We can help you with that (see our fees below). Be warned that IRS is now routinely requiring, during business audits, an electronic copy of Taxpayer's self-maintained QuickBooks File if that information was used in tax return preparation.

QUICKBOOKS Correctly setup quickbooks for your business, Minimum Fee Retainer of $100 

QUICKEN conversion (to make your file useful for tax preparation), and related QUICKBOOKS TRAINING conducted only in our office, are $40/hour subject to a one hour Minimum Fee Retainer of $40.

BOOKKEEPING SERVICE fees are prepaid monthly (at the start of each month's service), are based on the time and expertise required, completeness of your data, and timeliness in receipt of your data. Our pricing "rule" is: $1 /transaction, or $60 /hour whichever is greater, but not less than $75 /month for Financial Statements issued, (note that deposits are posted as a single transaction unless your business requires tracking each deposit, sale, product or item). If you bring in your bookkeeping supporting documents for three or more months you will get the fourth month free. NOTE: Writing and/or signing checks (with your rubber stamp signature) costs $7.00/check (discounts available for Non-Profits). 

A Minimum Fee Retainer of $300 is required of all new accounts Engaged before November 1st (after that date see "Year-End Bookkeeping" below). A protion of the retainer will be returned if all service was not renedered to cover the $300.00

"YEAR-END" BOOKKEEPING. December and January are some of our busiest months due to tax agency deadlines--if you cannot possibly bring in your records shoebox until then we cannot guarantee your return will not need to be extended, and you will be billed at the same rates above but subject to a, Minimum Fee Retainer of $900 ($75 x 12 months). Work will begin on your "Year-End" Bookkeeping after we receive your Retainer.

BILLING POLICY. Invoiced Accounts that are not paid in full within 30-days are subject to $10/month Late Penalty Fee. Checks Returned for ANY reason, or amounts charged back Credit Card payments are subject to a $35 NSF, Returned Item, or Credit Card Chargeback Penalty Fee. NOTE: Any payments received after a Penalty Fee is assessed are applied first to such Fees assessed, and the balance to the amount originally owed. 

GRANT WRITING. For profit organizations ($2000 Retainer @ $150 per hour). Non Profit ($1000 Retainer @ $75.00 per hour). Setting up your business and/or organization for eligibility with federal grants from the government is optional @ $50.00 per hour.

PAYROLL SERVICE is provided through affiliates in that field. Call for an estimated fee for your situation. Fees depend on services requested which may include writing checks on your account (for your signature), direct deposit, debit and payment of taxes and quarterly tax filings. Year end reporting is provided if service is uninterrupted through year-end. 

TAX RETURN PREPARATION fees are based on forms used in the return and the time and expertise required, include Electronic filing and any one State filing. (Additional States are $35 each) Tax Returns will not be released to client for removal from our office (even in "draft" printed or PDF format), or e-filed until our fees are paid in full. 

$ 60 Form 1040EZ (but only $40 for a 1040EZ for your Dependent Child/Student under age 24 if we prepare your return). 
$120 Form 1040/1040A + $55 to add State Return (no itemized deductions)
$ 75 Itemized Deductions Schedule-A, Plus 
o$35 Form 2106 (Unreimbursed Employee Expense) 
o$25 Form 8829 (Employee Office in the Home) 
o$10 Form 8283 (Non-Cash Donations Greater Than $500) per Recipient; 
o$15 Form 4952 (Investment Interest Expense) 
o$15 Form 4684 (Casualty Losses) per loss, except for Presidentially Declared Disaster Losses which are free of charge. 
$ 25 Interest & Dividend Income Schedule-B (includes the first 12 entries; add $2 per additional transaction). 
$125 Business Schedule-C or Farm Schedule-F (minimum fee – our Average last year was $225, including Auto Expense Worksheet (up to 3 vehicles - additional vehicles $15 each), Depreciation Form 4562, Office in Home Form 8829, and Self-Employment Tax Schedule SE) 
$ 20 Capital Gain/Loss Schedule-D (non-business) (includes first 8 sales: add $2 for each additional sale--there is no charge for a Sch-D created ONLY for Capital Gain Dividends) 
$ 45 Capital Gain/Loss Form 4794 (business or rental) each sale 
$ 75 Rental Income Schedule-E (Residential and Commercial Rentals) (per each property and includes Depreciation Form 4562, and Passive Loss Limitation Form 8582 and related Worksheets) 
$ 75 Farm Rental-Form 4835 (per each property and includes Depreciation Form 4562, and Passive Loss Limitation Form 8582 and related Worksheets) 
$ 5 per Gambling Winnings Forms W2G, for each in excess of 4 forms 
$ 5 per Wage Income Form W2, for each in excess of 4 forms 
$ 5 per Retirement/Pension Income Forms 1099-R, for each in excess of 4 forms 
$ 5 per Miscellaneous Income Forms 1099-MISC, for each in excess of 3 forms 
$150 Extensions (pre-paid, with $100 credited towards our Tax Preparation fee) 
$ 50 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) (single parents with children) due to new "due diligence" requirements placed by IRS on Tax Preparers we may require additional documentation to be provided by the Taxpayer. 
$100 GA Registered Domestic Partners (and same gender unions) must file separate, de-coupled federal and state returns reflecting full information on both parties. This fee is in addition to the fees for the returns based on the above. 
$100 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credits (are claimed on "paper-filed" tax returns and are different for Federal and Georgia, require extensive documentation to be provided by the taxpayer). Fee is $50 for Federal only credit. This fee is in addition to the fees for the returns based on the above.
Not all Forms/Schedules that may be needed for your return are listed above. 
Prior year Non-Filers must pay a $175 per year, Minimum Fee Retainer, execute a Power of Attorney Form 2848, provide full relevant documentation (before our work commences), and must also agree to have no further direct contact with IRS.

2. CORPORATION ("C" or "S"), PARTNERSHIP, LLC RETURNS preparation fees are based on the time and expertise required, and the complexity and degree of organization of your data. 

Corporate or LLC Minimum Fee is $375 (plus $15 for each participant Schedule-K-1), for a Services Only entity, providing Gross Receipts are under $250,000 and Total Corporate Assets are under $250,000 (or $600,000 in Assets for Partnerships/LLCs). Fee charged includes electronic filing (if available) and one State. 

If the entity sells products, carries inventory, or exceeds these amounts, the return will require a Balance Sheet and that will add $100 to the Minimum Fee, raising it to $475. If additional Schedules or Forms are required there will be an additional fee for each such Schedule of Form.

3. ESTATE RETURNS ("Death Taxes") are subject to a $1,200 Non Refundable Minimum Fee Retainer, require the execution of a Form 2848 IRS Power ofAttorney by the Executor, and are based on the time and expertise required, the degree of organization of your data and supporting documents, and whether there are any challenges by the IRS to Asset Valuations reported.

4. NON-PROFIT RETURNS (for Taxable Foundations or Sec. 501(c) Tax-Exempt Organizations), Forms 990 or 990EZ, are based on the time and expertise required and the degree of organization of your data. Minimum Fee is $375 providing there is no "Unrelated Business Income" (that is taxable and requires an additional Form 990-T filing with a Minimum Fee of $100). Fees includes electronic filing (if available) and one State. 

5. TRUST RETURNS (Fiduciary Returns) are based on the time and expertise required and the degree of organization of your data. Minimum Fee is $375 (for a Simple or Grantor Living Trust), or $475 (for a Complex or Decedent's Estate Trust), plus $15 for each Beneficiary Schedule-K-1. Fee includes electronic filing (if available) and one State. If additional Schedules or Forms are required there will be an additional fee for each.

TAX AUDIT REPRESENTATION fees are hourly based, subject to a $1,200 prepaid, non-refundable, Minimum Fee Retainer per Income Tax Year under audit, and do not include any subsequent Appeals or Tax Court Hearings or related filings. Tax Audits are increasingly being conducted by correspondence (those more often than not end up in Appeals), sometimes at the IRS' office locally, but more often are held in our office if the return involves a business.

TAX AUDIT (or Collections) APPEALS fees are hourly based, subject to a $600 prepaid, non-refundable, Minimum Fee Retainer per Income Tax Year. 

TAX REPRESENTATION (Outside of Income Tax Audit), such as Reviewing and Responding to an IRS CP-2000 "Notice of Proposed Assessment" (based on omissions on your tax return), or other tax agency matters (EDD, FTB, BOE, or other) that require written replies or telephone resolution are subject to a $125 non-refundable Minimum Fee Retainer -- avoid this fee by reporting ALL your income in the original return! 

THIRD PARTY WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS, such as standardized Lender Letters (often required for some re-financings), are subject to a fee of $60 (plus $5 transmission fee) and their content will contain language that protects our firm from lender lawsuits if your loan goes bad. 
SECRETARY OF STATE ANNUAL FILINGS, such as Statement of information require a Filing Fee of $25 payable to the Secretary of State and a processing Fee for our service of $25. Filing Fee varies for each state our fee remains the same for service.

Fee Schedule
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